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Do I need to use a computer for the training or can I use my phone?

Our program is built to work on any device with internet access.

Does this program only work for new puppies?

No! The skills we teach work for any dog at any age. The sooner you start the faster you'll get results so don't delay.

Is everything really included with the one-time fee?

Absolutely. You pay a one-time membership fee and get unlimited lifetime access to our site, including weekly classes as well as one-on-one time with our trainers as often as you sign up.

Is the training flexible to me and my puppy's needs?

Yes! Puppy Prep has a table of contents where you can see everything that is offered and move at your own pace. You can skip around or go in order. The choice is yours! Need help deciding what to teach your pup? Sign up for Office Hours with our trainers (included) and they'll help you put together a training plan to meet your needs.

Are the LIVE! APPOINTMENTS really one-on-one?

Yes. You simply book an appointment via our online LIVE! APPOINTMENTS page to schedule a personalized training session with our trainers. These are video conferencing appointments so we can assess you working with your dog and offer advice.

Do LIVE! Appointments, Events, Classes & Courses cost extra?

Nope! You pay a one-time membership fee and have unlimited access to EVERYTHING on our site. Schedule one-on-one coaching whenever you need it and feel free to attend every LIVE! Q&A, class and course. Watch the recordings if you can't be there live.

Is this program good for a total beginner?

Yes! We designed this program with you in mind. Our program walks you through every step of training and starts before your puppy even comes home! Our PUPPY PREP curriculum gives you a solid start in dog training with easy access to us anytime you need help. The one time fee is for the life of your dog.