Details and Rules of “Win a Holiday Home” Draw

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Terms and Conditions

1. The promoter of this Members Club Competition is Red Hughs GAA, Killygordon, County Donegal (hereinafter referred to as “the Club”).

2. The draw is open to Members only. However, anyone may become a social member of Red Hugh’s GAA. Application and payment for a ticket for the draw will also comprise application for social membership of the club until the 7th of July 2021 or until the draw is complete. A copy of the Rules will be provided on application. The cost of membership and entry to the draw until 7th of July 2021 is €30. There is no limit on the amount of Memberships which an individual may purchase.

3. The Competition is open to Members of the Club aged 18 years and over only. Any Memberships purchased by persons under the age of 18 years shall be declared null and void and shall not be included nor deemed to be included in the Competition. Any such entry entered into the Competition Draw will be declared invalid and another ticket will be drawn in its place.

4. An adult may buy one in Trust as a gift for someone under 18 Years.

5.The promoters of the draw (being the Steering Group), their professional advisers or those involved with operating the Draw’s Website or administering the Draw, are not eligible to become a Ticket Holder.

6. Red Hughs GAA is established and conducted for no purpose connected with gaming, wagering or lotteries.

7. The prize is as stated and no cash or other product alternatives will be offered.

8. The first prize is a mobile holiday home (model The Coworth - 3 Bed) The unit will be available for use from July 8th, 2021 on a pitch in Rockhill Holiday Park, Kerrykeel, Co. Donegal.

9. If the winner decides, within 7 days of their notification as the prize winner, to locate the mobile at an alternative caravan park they must in writing confirm to the steering committee that a pitch is availed and will be accessible on or before July 7th, 2021.

10. Entrants must answer a qualifying question “What city is Croke Park in?” Only entries with a correct answers will be allowed in the draw.

11. The Terms and Conditions herein set out should at all times be read in conjunction with the Red Hughs GAA Club Rules (hereinafter referred to as “the Club Rules”) for the time being which are available at

12. The Terms and Conditions herein set out are at all times governed by the Laws of the Republic of Ireland.

13. The charitable purpose of the Competition is to raise funds for the benefit of developing and enhancing the Red Hughs GAA Club and the facilities for the said Club. The organisers of the Competition shall not derive any personal profit from the Competition.

14. For the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR):

(a) The Club will retain and use the Member’s personal data for the duration of Membership and for a reasonable period thereafter.

(b) On purchasing Membership each Member agrees to the use of his or her details being used solely in connection with this Competition and their Membership of the Club. Personal data of any kind will not be disclosed to a Third Party without the Member’s consent.

(c) The Winner hereby agrees and consents to the use of his or her personal data and/or image being released in publicity material in conjunction with the Competition.

(d) The Winner hereby also agrees and consents to his or her personal data being released to relevant third parties to effect the transfer of the Mobile Holiday Home to him or her.

15. All Members are at all times for the duration of their Membership subject to the Club Rules. By purchasing Membership each Member thereby agrees to be bound by the Club Rules and the Terms and Conditions herein set out.

16. Any notice, announcement, information or bulletin in relation to the Competition whether public or otherwise or wheresoever published is only intended to be a notice to the Members of the Club and is not intended to be nor directed to any other persons whatsoever.

17. All disputes, differences and questions of any nature which at any time may arise between the purchaser of a ticket and the organisers of the Club’s ‘Win a Holiday Home’ draw shall be referred to an independent arbitrator to be nominated by the Chairman of the Club to determine the dispute, differences or issues.

18. Once purchased no refunds will be issued except in the event of cancellation of the draw.

19. A maximum of 5,995 (Five Thousand, Nine Hundred and Ninety Five) tickets are available.

20. Neither the Club nor any of its servants, agents, licensees, trustees, committee members or the organisers of the Competition of whatsoever nature or howsoever appointed shall be liable to the Members for any loss, inconvenience, damage or expense suffered by the Members participating in this Competition.

21. The Club shall not in any circumstances be liable for any loss suffered due to any issues in the construction of the mobile holiday home and neither Red Hughs GAA or any member of the Committee of the Club shall have any liability to the winner of the Competition.

22. The Club shall not be liable for any failure in the performance of any of its obligations if caused by factors outside its control.

23. Red Hughs GAA reserves the right to cancel the Draw/Raffle and if for any reason the Draw shall not proceed, members who purchased membership tickets will be refunded the sum of not more than 90% of the purchased price (the balance of the draw funds being retained by Red Hughs GAA to defray expenses incurred in the running of the draw; your subscription for membership and a ticket shall be deemed to be a consent to this retention) and Red Hugh’s GAA shall not be liable in respect of such cancellation save to the extent of the refund.

24. The Club does not warranty nor confirm the state and condition of the mobile holiday home in any way. The Club nor any of its servants, agents, licensees, trustees, committee members or the organisers of the Competition shall be in any circumstances liable for any loss, damage, inconvenience or expense suffered by the Winner in relation to the state, condition, repair or construction of the Property.

25. Once purchased, Membership is non-refundable except in circumstances where the Competition is cancelled by the Club. In that event a maximum amount of 90% of the purchased price will be refunded to Members.

26. The minimum number of Ticket Holders required for the draw to take place is 4,000 “Four Thousand” (“the minimum number of Ticket Holders”). If, within 48 hours of the draw taking place, the number of Ticket Holders is less than the minimum number of Ticket Holders, the Draw shall be cancelled or postponed as Red Hughs GAA sees fit and arrangements made as soon as reasonably possible thereafter to refund not more than 90% to each of the subscribing members if cancellation is the option chosen.

27. Mobile Home winners will be responsible for all their own legal and other costs involved in the registration of the property with the camp site.

28. The Club decision in respect of all matters to do with the competition will be final and no correspondence will be entered into in respect of the competition or the competition result.

29. After the draw has taken place and the Mobile Home has been registered in the name of the winner(s), the club will have no direct or indirect financial interest in the said mobile holiday home and will be free from any encumbrances in favour of the club.

30. The photograph of the property is for illustration purposes only. The winner(s) of the “Win A Holiday Home” competition shall accept the fit out and finish of the mobile holiday home as provided in the relevant contracts for sale without recourse to The Club (Supplier) and Rockhill Holiday Park on completion of the installation.

31. The Ownership of the mobile holiday home will be transferred to the Winner free from any financial interest, entitlement or encumbrances in favour of the Club as soon as practicable following the Competition Draw.

32. Errors and Omissions Excepted. The Club its servants, agents, licensees, trustees, committee members or the organisers of the Competition accepts no responsibility whatsoever whether due to error, omission, alteration, tampering, deletion, theft, destruction, transmission, interception or communications failure, for unreceived, late, missing, incomplete, incorrectly submitted, corrupted or misdirected claims, entries, applications, Memberships or otherwise.

33. The Club reserve the right to change the date of the draw due to any unforeseen circumstances.

34. The Club reserves the right to cancel the Competition and these terms and conditions without notice in the event of any unforeseen circumstances or any actual or anticipated breach of any applicable law or regulation or any other event outside of the promoter’s control. Any changes to the Competition will be advertised as soon possible by The Club.

35. The Club reserves the right to add additional prizes to the Competition. The addition of any such prizes will be notified to the Members as soon as practicable once added to the Competition and will also be available at

36. The Competition Draw will be held in The Cake Centre, Killygordon Clubhouse on the 7th of July 2021. All members shall be entitled to attend and witness the draw if acceptable in line with current government coronavirus guidelines.

37. The Winner will be announced within 14 days of the draw by email and/or post and/or Facebook and/or Twitter and/or Instagram and/or SMS.

38. In order to claim the prize, the Winner must contact the Club by email and/or post and/or Facebook and/or Twitter and/or Instagram and/or KlubFunder App and/or SMS or in person at the Club’s registered location as set out herein.

39. The Winner may be subject to verification by they Club and this process may take up to 7 days to complete once the Winner has claimed their prize.

40. If the Winner cannot be contacted via one of the above means of communication or does not claim their prize within 14 days of the notification of same the Club reserves the right to withdraw the prize from the Winner and select a replacement Winner.

41. The Club reserves the right at all times to amend the Competition and the Terms and Conditions herein set out and in purchasing Membership each Member consents and agrees to be bound by the said amendments. The Club further reserves the right to cancel this Competition for any reason whatsoever. The cancellation or any change to the Competition or these Terms and Conditions will be notified to the Members as soon as practicable in respect thereof.

42. The prize(s) is/are not transferable

43. The Competition will be implemented & conducted by the Club. The Preparation of entries for the final draw and the final draw will be independently observed by the independent adjudicator. The independent adjudicator will be appointed by the Club Chairperson. The Club will maintain books and records recording all entries into the competition and all costs relating to the competition. The books and records will be audited by the independent adjudicator within 14 days of the draw taking place. The identity of the adjudicator will be notified to all members on our website not less than 14 days in advance of the date of the draw.

44. The Winner will be responsible for the costs associated with the up keep of the mobile holiday home once completed and does so without any recourse to the Club.